Good things come in small packages!

Kawaii Food & Drink

My favorite spots to eat, drink, and hangout! 

Tokyo Disney: Hungry Bear Restaurant

Tokyo Disneyland is full of adorable treats and delicious foods with an Asian twist. You definitely won't see much of the stereotypical American items found back home. One of my go to Casual restaurants here is The Hungry Bear Restaurant. (Yes, it has the same name as the one in the states but completely different menu!) at this location you will find my favorite Japanese comfort food: Japanese Curry & Rice! They have the usual choices: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Katsu etc. so good! 

liz ward

Now unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few decades, you know what Starbucks is. They are pretty much everywhere in Japan, much like within the States.  If i don't see a Doutor in the area, I head over to the local Starbucks. I like how in Japan they take milk allergies very seriously. They hand you this placard that says either "almond milk" or "soy mlik" and you hold onto it until you receive your drink at the pickup counter. You then handover the placard to the employee who hands you the drink, to confirm that you did in fact receive your alternative milk option. I love this. As someone who has a very serious milk allergy, this makes me feel comforted. I wish that the US locations would adopt this! 

liz ward
Doutor Coffee (various locations)

If you're like me, you're not fully awake until you have your coffee in the morning. I always have an iced soy (or almond milk) latte pretty much wherever I am to start each day. When I am in Japan, my go-to stop for Breakfast is Doutor Coffee. it's a Coffee chain around Japan and can be found in (almost) every city.  They have a good selection of very affordable breakfast items, and a seriously delicious latte! I usually stay in ebisu, shibuya, or meguro, and there's a location in each. My favorite item to get is either the Japanese Toast with butter and jam or the Cheese Toast. Both with a Medium sized latte comes to under $5 USD.

liz ward
Shaved Ice at Pass The Baton

If you are in the Gion District of Kyoto, I would definitely recommend visiting Pass The Baton.  This is a really cute shop / cafe / tea house that serves amazing Shaved Ice in special flavors that change frequently.  My friend, and Kyoto native, recommended trying this place out and I am so thankful she did! I had the Sweet Soy Sauce (think dango flavored) Shaved ice with red bean topping. It was soooooo good! (and enormous!) They also have a variety of other foods to eat and drink. 

Japanese Kit Kats

So, this isn't a place to visit but, more of a favorite treat exclusive to Japan.  Japanese Kit Kats come in unusual flavors and combinations that are unique to each city you visit.  For instance, there's Matcha Kit Kats, Soy Sauce Kit Kats, Sakura Kit Kats, and (as pictured) Sake flavored Kit Kats.  In Tokyo Station, there's a Kit Kat Store Front where you can buy them in bulk and try samples.  The other best locations to find these are usually in Duty Free shops, Don Quixote shops, and either airport. 

Deus Ex Machina Harajuku

If you happen to be visiting Harajuku, and want to find a cozy cafe / coffee shop that also serves delicious food, look no further than Deus Ex Machina. This part Bike shop / Part Coffee Shop / Part Cafe, is a cozy place to sit, relax, people watch and eat amazing food. I always order the Pulled Pork sandwich and either get a iced soy latte, or their Organic Ginger Ale (really spicy and delicious!)